iBreadcrumbs: Research

There is an interesting new research tool called iBreadcrumbs. It’s essentially a recording toolbar that allows you to record, edit and annotate all the sites that you’re visiting. From the iBreadcrumbs site – “Similar to what a DVR does for tv, iBreadCrumbs.com records all the web pages you visit while you research. Save, review, and share your research with friends or colleagues.”

Link: http://www.ibreadcrumbs.com

Campus Technology has an article iBreadcrumbs:

A free clickstream recording Web service for researchers has launched, developed by two college graduates who had become frustrated by the inefficiency and redundancy of gathering research. iBreadCrumbs , created by California State University, Fullerton graduates Reuben Fine and Rey Marques, is an online tool that allows teachers, researchers, and students to save and share their research with others.

Users download the free iBreadCrumbs toolbar, which runs only on Firefox , search the Internet, and click on the Web pages visited to share with others. Users can also add notes and references to pages visited and save the Web history for others to see the sites and review the content they viewed. Those viewing the breadcrumbs can use any browser.


Link: http://campustechnology.com/articles/2008/06/free-on…