The Buzz Continues…The Diffusion of Digital Storytelling across disciplines and colleges at the University of Houston

Digital Storytelling: A Powerful Technology Tool for the 21st Century Classroom
Rudnicki, A., Cozart, A., Ganesh, et al.

The use of Digital Storytelling as a multimedia tool for teaching and learning has greatly increased over the past year in the College of Education, as well as in other colleges at the University of Houston, K-12 schools, and community organizations. Its use began in two instructional technology courses in the College of Education. Through word of mouth, workshops, and presentations, its use has diffused across campus and across Houston. The “buzz” created by this multimedia teaching and learning method continues to spread and grow. Many factors contribute to the effectiveness and popularity of Digital Storytelling. This paper presents descriptions of a few instructional uses of Digital Storytelling by faculty and instructors in the College of Education. In addition to the instructional uses of Digital Storytelling, this paper presents a discussion as to the reasons why Digital Storytelling has become so appealing to educators and students.