E-Readers not Quite Ready to Replace Traditional Textbooks

While e-readers have continually been said to be the future of textbooks, an article on the Campus Technology webpage explains why e-readers are not quite developed enough yet to replace textbooks. The article focuses on several pilot projects done at several different colleges and universities where e-readers like the Amazon Kindle or Sony Reader were used in some classes to replace textbooks. The results of the projects were not very conclusive. While some students liked some of the advantages of e-readers like lower costs to purchase textbooks and not having to carry several books around for classes, others did not like the fact that it was difficult to easily annotate e-books or make notes next to the books. There is also the fact that some textbook publishers are limiting the e-book use to one semester which would not be helpful if you needed the book again in the future.

More information on the individual studies and reports can be found at: http://campustechnology.com/articles/2010/05/01/the-device-versus-the-book.aspx