An Interesting Look at Purdue’s Mobile Apps

This weekend, Higher Ed Live interviewed Kyle Bowen, Purdue University’s informatics director. The interview centered around Studio by Purdue, a suite of three classroom-based mobile apps: Hotseat, Mixable, and DoubleTake. These apps are making interactions easier between the student and professor both in and out of the classroom.

Hotseat allows students to ask questions and make comments via their mobile device to their professor during an in-class lecture.

Mixable is a social networking-inspired tool, which allows students and professors to interact and manage assignments.

DoubleTake is an app that makes student video projects easier to create, manage, share and grade.

It will be interesting to see where these apps go and what they may inspire in future of classroom technology.

Click here to watch Higher Ed Live: Mobile Apps in the Classroom

**note: the interview itself doesn’t start until about the 7:40 mark.