ipadio: Podcasting from your Cell Phone

ipadio (pronounced eye-paid-ee-o) is a podcasting tool that lets the user call in from anywhere in the world to record a podcast, or in this case, a phonecast. Phonecasts you record are directly uploaded to your channel, or Phlog. You can share your phonecast, embed it, comment on it, convert it to text, or set a location for it using Google Maps. If you set up an account and make your phonecasts public, users can follow you and you can follow other Phlogs.

PodcastingWhat makes ipadio and phone podcasting so interesting is how the creation of the content is very simple, yet the finished phonecast can reach global audiences. While browsing the list of popular and recent Phlogs, one will notice the incredible variety of Phlog types and topics–online newspapers, personal/social, business/leadership, sports, entertainment, and of course, schools and education.

Phonecasts are used for a number of things in education, only a few include foreign language vocabulary, student assignments, and class blogs for parents. Although higher education doesn’t seem to have a large presence at the moment, ipadio and/or phonecasting in general is a tool worth getting acquainted with. If you have wanted to start podcasting, but just really weren’t sure how to start, phonecasting is a simple and easy way to begin.

If you would rather upload an mp3 file, for editing or quality purposes, that option is also available on ipadio. There is also an ipadio app available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.