Edudemic Will Help Fund Your Educational Technology Project

If you’re an instructor with a great idea for a educational technology tool, but don’t necessarily have the funding to start it up, look no further than Edudemic Projects. The popular ed tech blog has recently developed this program to give instructors and education professionals a new and easy way to seek money for their academic technology projects.

Here’s how it works: you must first apply on the Edudemic Projects site. You’ll be asked a few questions about yourself, your project and the funding it will require. You will find out if you have been approved roughly 1-3 days after you submit the form. If they approve and decide they want to help, you will receive your own Edudemic Project web page, which will look something like this.

After your page is up and running, you will have until a certain date (you’ll specify in your application) to raise donations for your project. The only catch here is that you must raise at least half of your proposed funding needs. If you pass the halfway point, what you collect goes straight to you. If you don’t pass it, the money is returned to the donors. Additionally, every penny you collect can be used towards anything relating to your project. Some other crowd-funding sites have limits on this, but with Edudemic Projects, it’s up to you!

This seems like a very interesting idea, and it will be exciting to see these projects grow!


  1. Got very excited about this but when I click on any of these links, I get “page not found”. Did they pull the project or is it me? šŸ™‚

  2. Hi Jane!
    This article was actually written right before Edudemic did a site remodel, so the links were broken as a result. The project hasn’t been pulled and is still accepting applications. I have updated the links in the article, and they should work fine now.
    Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

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