Colleges Not Meeting Demand for Hybrid Courses

The Chronicle of Higher Education reported last week that colleges aren’t providing enough hybrid courses, as shown in a recent survey of over 20,000 current and prospective students. Eduventures, the consulting firm that conducted the survey, discovered that although 33 percent of prospective students chose hybrid learning as their preferred format, only 19 percent of current students were actually enrolled in hybrid courses. The gap is attracting attention, and Eduventures believes the lack of hybrid courses offered by colleges is the cause of it.

Hybrid learning has been praised and supported by many in the education world. By increasing the number of hybrid courses offered, colleges could potentially increase student satisfaction while saving money. However, most colleges are still having problems with finding a stable halfway-point between traditional face-to-face and online learning.

Although the report itself isn’t available for free online, the full Chronicle article can be found here.