North Carolina High School Students Attend Their First College Classes on Second Life

Early college programs have become increasingly popular for students who wish to earn college credit while still enrolled in high school. Traditionally, the students will attend some or all of their classes by traveling to the college campus they are taking courses from. However, Eastern Carolina University has put a new spin on this concept…

Students who are accepted to the ECU Early College Program attend classes through the virtual world of Second Life. In it, students create avatars of themselves and use them to virtually attend ECU classes. Second Life allows students and professors to freely interact with each other, better imitating the classroom experience.

Getting ahead credit-wise and getting a general feel for the college experience are some of the benefits associated with early college programs. However, many students feel as though they are abandoning the high school experience in exchange. With the use of Second Life, students are able to have both experiences.

Although ECU’s program is only offered to high school students in Pitt County, NC, the university hopes to expand it in the future.

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