Back up, share and access files with Dropbox

How many times have you taken the extra steps to email yourself a document? How many times have you left your flash drive at home? Do you remember what it felt like the last time you lost a precious document on accident and had no back-up for it? For those who see these as all too common occurrences, we have a service to bring to your attention:

Dropbox is a totally free web-based file hosting service. It offers 2GB of storage and anything you upload will be instantly accessible on your other computers or smartphones (as long as Dropbox is installed on those devices). All you need to do to upload a file is drag and drop it from your computer into your Dropbox folder.

One of the more valuable features of Dropbox for instructors and academic professionals is the ability to share certain folders with anyone, whether or not they are on Dropbox. More information can be found about that here.

Dropbox is also one of many “cloud storage” services on the web right now. If for some reason you find Dropbox is not for you, give Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Docs, or SugarSync a try!