Collaborate in the Learning Technologies Studio

Need a space to collaborate with a colleague on teaching or research? Need it to have computers and a projector so that you can navigate the Web, collaboratively write documents and share your computer screen image easily?

UW Bothell faculty, librarians and teaching staff can use the Learning Technologies Studio to collaborate on teaching and research projects. Located on the second floor of the Library Annex (the building across from the Library), the LT Studio houses six computers, including four laptops, a PC desktop and an iMac. In addition, the Studio has a projector that is connected to all six computers. This is the truly unique part of the Studio: since the projector is connected to all six computers, collaborators can quickly alternate among the computers to display their screen images. This is hugely useful for a number of situations. Here’s one example situation:

Say you and a colleague are working on revising syllabi for your respective classes, or you’re co-teaching a class and working on next week’s computer lab activity. You need to refer to the syllabus and other documents, the class Web site, a LibGuide that a librarian created for you, and you need access to your network U drive where all of your documents are stored. In the Studio, you can each work on your own computer, accessing needed documents and navigating the Web. No need to lug your own computer to campus for this meeting. Then, when you want to refer to a particular part of your syllabus document for discussion with your colleague, you touch the display panel and your computer screen is projected, allowing you both to refer to a common text. No cozy huddling around one screen for collaboration. What’s more, by logging in with your UWB account, your network U drive is already mapped to the computer, so you can grab what you need and get on with the task at hand.

In addition to being an amazing collaboration space, the LT Studio houses a wide range of software and hardware. For more info on the hardware and software, check out this Web page:

Is your interest sufficiently sparked? There are two ways to use the Studio:

  1. You can check the LT Studio calendar here:, and if it is available, you can just drop in by swiping your Husky Card at the door to get in.
  2. You can reserve the room by checking the Studio calendar for its availability and then filling out the form on this page:

If you have any questions, contact the Learning Technologies staff at