DC1 Final Projects: Fantastic UWB Student Work!

Ever wonder what first-year UWB students are doing in their Discovery Core classes? Well, now that Autumn Quarter 2011 is over, you can take a look at students’ final projects from two very interesting, technology-enhanced courses:

First is a video from BCUSP 110B: Digital Thinking: Animation, Video Games, and the Social Web, a 5-credit DC1 class taught by Kelvin Sung. The video tells the “story” of the class from the beginning of the quarter to the end. The students start off without experience, then build up to basic animation exercises, get more advanced while learning about digital art and how games work, until finally producing a (very cool) video game final project! Check it all out here:

Another batch of great projects comes from the Discovery Core series BCUSP 104G/107G: American Idol(s): How Stories Shape Culture and Identity, taught by Amoshaun Toft and Kari Lerum. The course focused on personal storytelling and the study and analysis of storytelling in popular culture and academia. Additionally, about half of this course focused on students’ production of their own stories. The final project was a showcase of the digital storytelling skills students had learned in the form of a 3-5 minute video. In it, students were asked to tell a personal story while incorporating visuals and extra sounds. Students wrote, recorded, edited and exported their stories, which turned out wonderfully. To see some of the stories, visit the Films section of the class website.

Great job to students and faculty this quarter!