Make 2012 the year you learn code!

In this day and age, computer skills are becoming more and more necessary for employment–especially in the field of technology. Additionally, as technology advances, it’s no longer just “the basics” that impress employers. Computer programming is a major advanced computer skill with a huge payoff…and one site wants to teach you how to master it in a year or less!

Codecademy is a brand new start up, launched on January 1st, 2012. The site offers completely free computer programming lessons to registered users, which according to TechCrunch, hit the 100,000 mark within the first 48 hours of the site’s launch. This is incredibly impressive for such a new company, and just goes to show how many people are interested in learning code.

Basically, with Codecademy, there are two routes you can go with learning code. There’s the independent, at-your-own-pace route, where users can log onto the site and take lessons whenever they want. The alternative to that is signing up for Code Year. If you sign up for Code Year, you’ll start receiving weekly emails that contain lessons. Code Year is a great option for those of us who have trouble remembering to log onto sites like this on a regular basis.

If you’ve always wanted to learn code, but haven’t had the time or money for a course, definitely look into this FREE resource!