ViDA gives students access to UW software 24/7

Wish you could access the software available on campus in the privacy of your own home? For students this spring, it’s possible! UW has adoped ViDA (Virtual Desktop Access), an online remote access software that will allow students to access both the Adobe Creative Suite and Windows 7 Enterprise from wherever there’s an internet connection.

ViDA is funded by the student technology fee, so it is a student-only service. To access it, students can log in with their UW NETID at The site will work from a desktop browser on OS X, Windows, Linux, UNIX  or mobile device running Android, Blackberry, iOS or Windows Mobile. Keep in mind that although files can be saved locally, students should always save their work somewhere else as all files are erased upon logging off of the system.

To read more about ViDA, visit it’s UW IT page.

ViDA can be added to the list of exciting new technology UW has adopted this year, which includes Tegrity and UW WordPress Blogs.

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