Students Like Short, Compelling Tegrity Videos, According To Athens State Professor

At the Tegrity Conference held in Seattle, April 18-20, Jeff Johnson, Assistant Professor of Management at Athens State University, presented on course surveys that had been done on his campus which captured student feedback on best and worst practices for producing a Tegrity video. These videos were primarily done by instructors outside of a class period, recorded in an office or at home. Here are the main findings of those surveys.

  • 96% of students surveyed slightly to strongly agreed that lecture capture enhanced learning
  • 93% of students surveyed slightly to strongly agreed that they wished that all courses used Tegrity.
  • Over 90% said that it was easy to use and that they were satisfied with it.
  • Students had a mixed reaction whether a faculty face should be in a recording, though they did note that an instructor needs to be careful of the background if he/she does record his/her face.

The majority of students recommended that videos be no longer than 30 minutes. Other tips included:

  • Don’t read slides
  • Act like you enjoy the subject
  • Be clear and conversational; don’t talk too fast
  • Avoid audio problems by doing a short recording to see if it’s loud enough. Getting a better microphone can help.
  • Make PowerPoint slides and visuals available outside of recordings so students can print it out.
  • Use charts, graphs, and visuals
  • Avoid outside distractions while recording like cell phones going off

Students also said that it was really helpful if faculty listed in a syllabus if classes were to be recorded.