Digital Media at The University of Washington Bothell

p1010764The University of Washington Bothell prides itself on being forward-thinking by integrating multimedia production education into a wide range of course curricula. Hands-on media production at UWB strengthens the connection between students and media to prepare them for the rising of demand in these fields, especially production and analysis of contemporary and future media.

Here are some examples of student work coming from Professor Jill Freidberg’s class in Post Production and Professor Sam Yum’s Advanced Media Production class. To see the projects, click the links below!

Professor Jill Freidberg’s Post Production Course:

Professor Sam Yum’s Advanced Media Production: “Our work in production is informed by theoretical and practical readings, as well as a review of a variety of visual texts – from still photography to digital video.” – Sam Yum


  1. I really like what you are doing with digital media…definitely an innovation to education that is really needed right now. I’ve been building a resource too ( ) for students and teachers that is focused on the video form, and more specifically…how to utilize the video form of digital media for your own learning, development, and education. Let me know if you see any ways we can collaborate. I could offer an internship.

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