Teaching Hybrid at UW Bothell

With the successful conclusion of the fourth Hybrid Course Development Institute (HCDI) this winter, it’s time to take a quick look at what’s happening with hybrid courses at UW Bothell.

Hybrid courses are defined as having 25-50% of the course online, replacing face-to-face time. A number of UWB faculty and students are interested in hybrid courses because they can provide the best of both worlds, combining the flexibility and enhanced ability to interact with course materials in the online world with the personable and spontaneous experience in the face-to-face world.

From winter 2012 through winter 2013, there were 47 hybrid courses, with Nursing and CUSP having the largest number. Approximately 1200 students have taken a hybrid course during that time. About 63% of the courses have been taught by faculty who have taken the HCDI (a 6-week intensive hybrid course that teaches faculty how to create a hybrid course). The HCDI was recently mentioned in the Provost’s report on “Leading change in public higher education.”

Faculty who plan on teaching a hybrid course should let their program’s time scheduler know so that students can see the course identified as hybrid in the time schedule.

Interested in participating in an HCDI and learning how to create hybrid courses? Depending on funding, we hope to offer the HCDI again fall quarter. You can learn more about hybrid learning and the HCDI at UWB’s Learning Technologies hybrid learning website.

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