Canvas on the Go!

As the school year draws ever closer to its end, you may be getting more and more stressed about the final assignments, projects, and/or tests that you have coming up (as well as your plans over break!).

To help alleviate that stress a bit and provide you greater accessibility, Instructure has created free Android and iOS mobile apps for its Canvas LMS that many UWB instructors use. Whether you are a student or an instructor, these apps will allow you to access your Canvas account on the go!

Learning how to use new apps can always be a bit time-consuming though, so UWB LT has created new tutorial walk-throughs to help speed things up. To view them, just click here, or go to!

canvas mobile apps


  1. At first, I thought the headline read “Canvas to go!”, and I was hopeful that perhaps we might be adopting another LMS.

    Apparently, this was merely a projection, likely based on literally years of frustration on Instructure’s unresponsiveness to what I had expected was a simple feature request: enabling the embedding of images in discussion posts (first requested in May 2011).

    In a TechCrunch article today about a $30M investment in Instructure, several other LMS providers are listed … and I have to say they look increasingly appealing, given my frustration with Instructure.

    1. Thank you for your insight! We will look into other LMSes and consider your recommendation.

      As for the image embedding feature for discussions. It is possible for students and faculty to upload images for their posts (although I admit that the process is much more tedious and complex than necessary):

      1) On the top navigation bar, click the “Settings” tab
      2) On the left side bar, click the “Files” tab
      3) Upload the image you would like to embed to your Files
      4) Go to the discussion post that you wish to embed an image in and click the “Reply” section, or start a new discussion post
      5) On the discussion post’s editor bar, click the embed image icon (with a tree)
      6) Click on the “Canvas” tab
      7) Locate and select the image you wish to embed, and then clicking “Update”

      This will place your image in the discussion response/post.

      I hope this helps!

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