UW Tacoma’s iTech Fellows Program

Taking place just last week, the University of Washington Tacoma’s 2013 iTech Fellows program was an exciting venture in redesigning courses and classrooms for the digital age through the exploration of innovation in teaching and learning with technology.

As we have blogged previously, the use of technology in the classroom is a practice that has produced many benefits and opportunities for students and teachers. In general, digital technology, working in conjunction with the traditional classroom context, works towards the betterment of higher education. Colleen Carmean, UW Tacoma’s Assistant Chancellor for Instructional Technologies, is helping lead the way in developing innovative faculty development that guides faculty to a more innovative approach with education. As she talks about on her blog post on the iTech Fellows program, faculty were working tirelessly and passionately to reinvent themselves as instructors and educators, in order to effectively redesign their coursework to incorporate digital technology and other related tools. In doing so, they hope to further enhance the teaching and learning experience for students and instructors and illustrate a dedication towards the improvement of education for their students.

Colleen also points out that the iTech Fellows program has worked both effectively and efficiently over the last week or so, drawing similar conclusions, with fewer resources, as other higher education institutions. The dedication and drive that these members have for this program and its vision shows an inextinguishable commitment in both preserving and improving the value of their students’ college education. Much can be learned, not only about the faculty’s willingness to join technology and education together to enhance the classroom environment, but also about their bravery and humbleness to reinvent the processes of teaching and learning, in an effort to create a future for education that is both forward-thinking and progressive.

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