Gartner’s 2013 Hype Cycle Maps Out Relationship Between Humans and Machines

Gartner, Inc’s “Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2013” is an annual report discussing and assessing the benefits, growth, and projected futures of over 2000 technologies, grouped into 98 fields of study. By providing a cross-industry perspective on rising and current technologies and trends, senior executives, CIOs, strategists, innovators, business developers, and technology partners are able to gain a valuable insight into the next innovative technological ventures.

This year’s report focuses on the growing relationship that is present between human beings and machines. The report urges its audience to look beyond the pessimistic perspective that humans will one day be replaced by machines and realize that a cohesive existence will soon become a reality between humans and technology. Humans and machines will work together and become better, individually and as a society as a whole.

This cohesive existence has already become a reality, to some extent, even if it is not totally obvious. Augmenting humans (employees wearing computer devices), machines replacing humans (virtual assistants used for customer service/representative tasks), and machines working alongside humans (robots working in a warehouse to carry heavy items) are all examples of this growing trend that technology/machines and human beings are working together to make each better in many different ways.

The 2013 Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle lists six areas where this unity between humans and technology is taking place:

  1. Augmenting humans with technology
  2. Machines replacing humans
  3. Humans and machines working alongside each other
  4. Machines better understanding humans and the environment
  5. Humans better understanding machines
  6. Machines and humans becoming smarter

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