Future of Education Concerned with Instructors’ Technology Literacy

In The Chronicle of Higher Education’s report on Campus Computing Project’s annual senior technology administrator survey, the biggest concern (a whopping 80% from those who responded) was the capability of instructors to use emerging technology within the next few years.

It is very likely that students have witnessed this before: an instructor has pledged to make a grand presentation in the class, yet cannot seem to load PowerPoint. On countless occasions, more time is spent troubleshooting instructor’s technological flop than time spent teaching and learning.

With technology rapidly unfolding and the integration of classroom online learning resources such as Canvas, instructors need to have enough knowledge in technology in order to have an effective learning environment. Just as owning a camera does not make one a photographer, having a tablet does not make one a better instructor. Now more than ever, instructors need to catch up in this cat and mouse game before students begin to teach their teachers.

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  1. If researchers will investigate how technology education programs, with dedicated classrooms, laboratories, curriculum, instruction, and teachers, promote technological literacy, we will begin to make a significant contribution to the knowledge base needed in our field and in our society.

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