The Stylus is Mightier than the Sword

Let’s say you’re having one of those days where you bring in your tablet to class and nothing else. You think it is going to be alright- I mean, you have your textbook and notebook in that magical box right in front of you, so nothing can go wrong.

That is, until you feel that sense of nostalgia kicking into the pit of your stomach. The tapping and snapping of classmates’ pens around you make you feel the urge to join in on the sweet feel of the oh so vintage pen rubbing through your fingertips. You miss the smell of it’s ink, and even the marks they used to leave on the palm of your hand. But it’s too late, nothing can be done now as you have already made the transition into the modern world by purchasing your tablet.

That my friend, is where you are wrong. You are forgetting that modern companies have created the new modern pen: the stylus. While the stylus may not replicate the old pen in it’s entirety, the look and feel are irresistible.

Here are some stylus’ reviewers from the Verge thought were useful:

Just like the pen, there are many of different stylus’ you can feast your eyes on. Take the Adonit Jot for example, a sleek stylus perfect for replicating what we used to call ‘handwriting.’ While it may seem like there is an alien disk popping out of the end, it is actually there for precise stylus-to-screen accuracy.

Maybe you are not a writer, and instead a ‘take everything or leave everything’ person. Then the Wacom Bamboo or the Applydea Maglus will be the right, all purpose, tool for you.  Both are extremely durable, and have great response. While the Bamboo looks like the traditional pen, its competitor, the Maglus,…yeah not so much. Unless you are a carpenter, as it’s shaped like a carpenters pencil.

Then there are those rebel people who don’t even like the feel of pens, and instead rather go big or go home. This my friend is where I present to you the Cosmonaut (its name even sounds rebellious). This bad boy mocks the feel of a dry erase marker, and is great for tackling the heavy duty work of quick note taking or pure screen navigation. You can even toss it around without worrying of damaging it as its a big thing of rubber.

And last but not least, you may be a person who rather express their feelings with the magic of a paintbrush versus the pen or marker. Fine. Show off your talent, and make those who can’t feel weak. If you are this person, then the majestic wonders of the Sensu Brush or the Nomad Brush are the one’s who will prove their magic. They act just as a normal paint brush would, and even look like paintbrushes.
Let’s face it, modernity is tackling us faster than we predicted. One by one, pen and paper is being zapped off the Earth. Give it a few more years and we might as well see classrooms disappear too.



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