Kerika: A Task Board Designed for Distributed Teams

Group projects, when looked at as a whole, are a great idea. They call for collaborative teamwork, idea contribution, and utilizing individuals skill sets and experiences. Most of the time students learn from their group experiences, while with others, something went wrong along the way.

Oftentime the biggest factor in the flop of group work is the lack of communication. With our diverse population at UWB having different life schedules, it is hard to find face to face time to get together with group members. Students then rely on email, texting, Google Drive, Facebook, etc. but conversations become scattered as different layers of group projects reveal itself on different outlets of communication.

This is where Kerika comes in. Kerika is a simple, web-based, real time task board designed specifically for distributed teams. Each project’s main interface is dedicated to one page where you can live chat about the project as a whole, or chat within different tasks in the project. This means no more digging through pages and pages of text messages.

Task board projects have three main columns: to do, in progress, and done to easily check the status of group projects. Within the task board comes individual tasks to keep group organization at its prime. Students can assign tasks to different members of their group, assign due dates, and mark the status of the task.

Kerika is designed to go hand in hand with Google Drive, meaning students can access their projects and files anywhere they go on any computer or mobile device. This is great for students who are on the go 24/7.