Berklee College of Music Will Offer 120-credit Online Degree in 2014

In an article written by Carl Straumsheim for Inside Higher Ed, the Berklee College of Music will offer their two music programs, music business and music production, as fully online accredited bachelor’s degree programs.

Berklee, for some time now, has had established online courses and has made subsequent steps in bundling these courses together to create certification programs. They have now made the next major step in providing two full online degree programs where students can receive a bachelor’s degree in music business and music production at a reduced cost.

The cost is substantial in comparison to a residential student’s tuition rate. Taking into account the reduced costs for residency, room and board, health insurance, living expenses, and other factors associated with an on-campus college experience, the typical Berklee Online student would only pay around $14,500, as opposed to $45,000. For what an on-campus residential student pays for one academic year, a Berklee Online student can complete the 120-credit online degree program in its entirety.

There are, however, other elements of the Berklee experience that are not replicable in the online version of the school, such as the atmosphere of the Berklee campus and the use of its many practice rooms and studios. But for those only needing the education and skill-development part of the program, and do not necessarily care for those connections and experiences with the campus, this program works conveniently in their favor, especially for professional musicians who are unable to move to Berklee but still want to find ways to expand their skills.

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