Summary of NMC’s Horizon Report 2014

The New Media Consortium (NMC) and EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) recently released the eleventh edition of their Horizon Report for 2014.

In this issue, the Horizon Report outlines three major topics:

  1. Key Trends Accelerating Higher Education Technology Adoption
    • This section outlines three subtopics: Fast Trends, Mid-Range Trends, and Long-Trends in driving changes. Each of these subtopics elaborate on how certain trends are pushing for change in higher education and how many years it will take for each of these trends to be accepted.
    • These time-frames include one to two years for fast trends, three to five years for mid-range, and five or more years for long-range.
    • Some of the changes include “Growing Ubiquity of Social Media”, “Rise of Data-Driven Learning and Assessment”, and “Agile Approaches to Change”.

  2. Significant Challenges Impeding Higher Education Technology Adoption
    • This section outlines three subtopics: Solvable Challenges, Difficult Challenges, and Wicked Challenges. Each subtopic goes into detail about the different challenges that higher education institutions are facing when trying to adopt technology.
    • The different types of challenges are those that are “understood and can be solved”, “understood but solutions cannot be found”, and “complex to define”.
    • Some of the challenges listed include “Low Digital Fluency of Faculty”, “Competition from New Models of Education”, and “Expanding Access”.
  3. Important Developments in Educational Technology for Higher Education
    • This section outlines three subtopics that categorize the number of years each specific educational technology development needs in order for it to be adopted.
    • Each group of developments include a number of years, such as “one year or less”, “two to three years”, and “four to five years”.
    • The following are just some of the developments listed: “Flipped Classroom”, “3D Printing”, and “Virtual Assistants”.


To learn more about the NMC and ELI’s findings, click here to download the Horizon Report!