Google Form for Peer Review of Group Members in Group Project

Teaching group work is difficult. Students often dislike group work, because one or two people carry the weight for everyone else. To solve this problem, one best practice for group project assignments, particularly those that require sustained collaboration and shared leadership over the course of many weeks in the quarter, is to build in an anonymous peer review assignment where each group member is anonymously reviewed by the other group members. The peer review assignment puts in place a system of accountability for the group members and therefore creates a more solid foundation for collaboration.

One way instructors can build this assignment into their course is to use a Google Form that is tied to a Google Spreadsheet. Each student fills out the form once for each member in their group. If the form that accepts the data is designed correctly, the spreadsheet will allow the instructor to quickly view peer reviews by reviewer and reviewee.

We have created an example form and associated spreadsheet to show you how it works. If you like the one we’ve started, click on the spreadsheet icon below, then click File and “Make a Copy…” to use it.

If you teach at UW Bothell and have questions about how to do this, contact us using this web page:

Example Peer Review Form in Google Forms:







Example spreadsheet in Google Spreadsheets that pulls in the data from the form above: