Solutions and Techniques For All Professors’ Common Problems

If you are a professor, then today is your lucky day. Thanks to Rick Reis and his well informing blog post, there are now a simple list of solutions towards those common difficulties that every professor has to face. We all know that teaching a class can be difficult, but teaching a class with students causing distractions is noted to be the most difficult and stressful. Find out what simple techniques you can apply, to fix this issue as well as others that you may have in your class.

One of the biggest problems for a professor is dealing with disruptive students. How one may go about handling it the best way possible can definitely be questionable. What normally comes to one’s mind when dealing with a disruptive student is to acknowledge their actions in front of the whole class. The danger of this common and decision is that it may draw other students into the situation who will then escalate the disruption. “The golden rule of dealing with disruptive behavior is never to do anything that will make the situation worse.” But what about other situations?

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Some other disruptive behavior that you may be familiar with: Students holding side conversations, using mobile phones or MP3 players can be quite off-putting for you and for other students. If you are a professor who does not prefer the direct approach, these solutions are often successful for these types of problems:

  • Stop talking in mid-sentence and look in a non-aggressive way at the student making the noise. Peer pressure may quiet them.
  • Make direct eye contact with the student/s so that they know you can see them.
  • Direct a question to the area in which the noisy students are sitting.  This focuses attention on that area of the class.
  • Try physically moving to the part of the room where the students are and continue to lead the class whilst standing next to them.

What about dealing with inattentive students, early leavers, dealing with domineering students, and even rambling students? These too, are included in the blog and contain multiple ways of dealing with these issues. The blog also presents a section specifically aimed at the professors. In it there is a list habits that are good for professors to have and simple guidelines to keep in mind.

The amount of time it takes to read this blog is nothing when you compare it to how much time it will save you in class. Learn the best steps to take in certain situations, to get the best out of your students and yourself. This blog is intended for professors everywhere, so take this time to be a step ahead and make the education you provide worth something to remember.