5 Apps for College Students


Picture by: Nasser Almulhim

Now more than ever is technology part of daily life. The way college students study has changed from carrying stacks of papers, flash cards, and highlighters to carrying an electronic device. The Apple Store notes that there are now more than 20,000 educational apps alone. With finals week around the corner, here are 5 apps that U.S. News Education believes every college student should use:

1. StudyBlue Flashcards: Preparing for a big exam often involves carrying around a pile of flashcards. With StudyBlue Flashcards, you can access millions of flashcards created by other users or make your own. StudyBlue also has a  filter setting that can help week out concepts students have mastered and review questions that have been answered incorrectly. (Available for: iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android, and web browsers; cost: free)

2. Graphing Calculator: This app has to be one of the most money saving apps a student could download. While students can purchase a graphing calculator ranging near the cost of $100 the app store offers apps that can also plot and trace multiple equations on the same graph at the fraction of the cost if not free. The apps are equipped with graph tracing, trigonometry symbols, and much more. (Available for: iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Android; Cost: Free – $1.99)

3. School Helper:  Everyone know life as a college student can be messy, but there are many apps are specifically for daily organization. School Helper helps students stay organized by keeping track of grades, homework assignments, notes, and exams on the home screen. Students can add widgets to the main phone screen as reminders for assignments. Another helpful tool is found under “Marks,” it allows students to keep track of their grades in a particular course by adding assignment or exam counts that go toward the final grade. (Available for: Android; Costs: free)

4. Trello: It’s no surprise that when it comes to group projects someone gets the short end of the stick. Trello is an app designed to help group projects, both big and small, manage who is responsible for what. Group members can also create deadlines, assign, and tasks. Trello also sends group notifications when changes have been made. (Available for: iOS Devices, Android, Windows, and web browsers; Cost: free)

5. Google Drive: Being in group projects can often be a mess, but Google Drive makes collaborating a breeze. With Google Drive students can see when changes are made to files such as presentations or group papers. (Available: iOs Devices, Android, and web browsers; Cost: free)

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