Flipping a Classroom


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As the world advances, so too does classroom technology. Of course tied to that are new strategies for teaching alongside technology. Interestingly enough some classes throughout the U.S. have been using a flipped classroom design to better prepare students for the work ahead. What the design entails essentially asks professors to create their lectures via lecture capture (online recordings), students are then supposed to watch the lectures prior to class. Homework would then be done in class the following day(s), as the professor would be able to personally assist students in understanding how the lecture applies to the work being done in class.

The “flipped classroom” design encourages student engagement outside of the classroom, while providing face to face assistance from the teacher with homework or discussion questions. It also allows for an easier transition between homework and lecture for students whereas the current system forces students to learn about a subject, then do the homework at a later time without the help of the person teaching it, thus clearly disrupting a student’s flow of fully understanding the material presented to them. With that said, the lane seems to be widening and with it comes a surplus options of for creating engaging classes.

Learn more here: http://ctl.utexas.edu/teaching/flipping-a-class

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