Videos Find Their Place In and Out of the Classroom

Videos have started to become an integral part of education and could become as important as textbooks.

The research was done by SAGE Publications out of curiosity to see the variety of perspectives on the same topic.  Elisabeth Leonard, an author at SAGE Publications, claims that she was “intrigued by the variety of reasons students had for using videos.” The study shows that, from the 1,673 students surveyed, the majority watched educational videos simply because the professor played it during class. The second most popular response was that they used the videos for help in understanding the course material.

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An interesting finding was that many students looked directly at Google and Youtube for their videos and were unaware of the resources that the library had. Students suggested that, to solve this, the library market them through the websites, social media, posters, as well as deliver specific and personalized messages rather than general ones.

As the research shows that videos are becoming more popular in the classroom, it is important to note how a video can be appealing and informative to the student so that they can get the most out of it. Researchers Greenberg and Zanetis found that there were three main factors involved in the impact of an educational video: Interactivity with content, where the student relates to the content by note taking or applying concepts; engagement, where the student becomes drawn into the video; and knowledge transfer and memory, where the student remembers and retains information.

The speakers in the video themselves is an important factor in making the video more compelling. Students stated that they didn’t like videos where speakers were monotonous, did not look at the camera, or looked nervous. All of these factors determined how long the student would watch the video. Many people are quick to judge whether they would sit through the entire video or not; most students would watch a couple minutes unless the video had all of the factors mentioned above.