Tracking and Improving Student Learning

Professors everywhere always want to make sure that the students they are teaching are actually learning. Thanks to this blog and the work of David A. Wood Jr, there is a way to track your work, along with students, to figure out what changes need to be made in order to improve your ways of teaching. What is this magical tool that is being used to do all of this?

The answer is: Microsoft Excel.


Mr. Wood Jr. is a professor and former dean of performance excellence at San Antonio College. He has been using Excel data to “inform his instruction and achieve better learning outcomes for his students.” He was not limited to other tools that could have been used, but he realized that Excel is one of the easiest and best to use for his intentions. By creating his own spreadsheet to manage the data he needs to improve his own learning outcomes for the students in his class.

Woods even stated that the basic approach taken on has increased scores on tests by five to ten points. What is even more important is the types of questions that are being asked by the students in class. The questions suggest their level of understanding and more about the topics being covered. To truly see the formulas and get an understanding of how a single spreadsheet has been able to improve his years worth of work, click on the link above.