Technology Is Opening Doors to College Courses


High school students often have the opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school. In Santa Clara, California the Santa Clara Unified School District and Mission Community College have collaborated to create the Mission Middle College education program that hopes to reach students with disabilities through technology. Students in the program may have print and learning disabilities that impede their ability to easily read and comprehend grade-level text and complex curricula in print.

The program offers students the opportunity to learn how to choose the reading technologies for their learning needs, and then find the reading assignments in digital accessible format, such as DAISY text and DAISY audio. The Daisy Consortium helps develop inclusive publishing ecosystem for everybody, including persons with disabilities through promoting reading systems to ensure the best possible reading experience with eyes, ears, and fingers.

Jennifer Lang-Jolliff, the Program Coordinator at Mission Middle College, believes the program provides the instruction, tools, and resources to rise to the challenge of learning rigorous curriculum. The high expectations and the e-literacy services available to students helped to shift their views of the students’ personal view of themselves personally and academically.

The students at Mission Middle College with print disabilities (including visual impairments, physical disabilities, and severe learning disabilities) are empowered to find the right assistive technology, computer software application, or device to help them achieve academically. Before enrolling in the program many of the students felt stuck and considered dropping out of school. Through technology, students with disabilities have access to the readings their courses require. Programs similar to Mission Middle College help make sure every student graduates from high school and is college and career ready.

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