Curriculum Must Adapt to Technological Advances

In an article on Educause Review, Randy S. Tritz highlights the change of curriculum and classroom based learning as technology has advanced over time. This adaption has transformed from instructor to learner-based education that forces a relationship between educators and technologists. In this connection, educators and technologists must work together for the overall entire institution’s success.

Curriculum must adapt and embrace learner-based environments since the way institutions teach students has changed with the use of technology. Educators that don’t adapt are more likely to teach students incorrectly, however with the advancement of technology, failure is plausible. If there is a lack of collaboration between educators and technologists, there could be inconsistency, operation difficulties, and some programs might not meet the educator’s expectations. If there is a collaboration, introducing technology into a learner-based environment can produce overwhelming success.

A traditional instructor-led classroom is a row of students and an educator facing them, whereas a learner-based classroom has students put together with an instructor in the middle to allow collaboration between students and let the instructor to intervene when needed. This allows the instructor and learner to foster learning together.


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