In Sign of the Times for Teaching, More Colleges Set Up Video-Recording Studios


In an article on the Chronicle of Higher Education, Meg Bernhard examines how many colleges are starting studio rooms in order to support experiments in online and hybrid teaching. Harvard University is one example of a college setting up television stations, equipping green screens, multiple cameras, and microphones for students and professors to use. Whereas other universities are setting up low-key quiet rooms with a video camera and proper back-lighting.

This is due to the growth and need for online and hybrid courses. These on-campus resources can help assist both students in learning and professors in teaching online and hybrid courses. This is all due to the growth of the accessibility of technology, such as iPads, tablets, Smart phones, etc.

This equipment is also fairly inexpensive and very accessible to students and professors. Students and professors can simply insert a flash drive and their video is saved and ready to be edited from their own technology. This increase in production rooms is also due to the use of technology in the classroom. Professors can allow students to create higher quality projects because the university is offering a resource that most students would have to pay tons of money to obtain.

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