Technology and Institutional Retention Strategies

In the beginning when hopes are high and one is feeling energized about either starting their higher education or returning to obtain it, these two attributes alone will not be enough  to keep you on the right track and your eye  on the prize. In an article on the Ellucian website they discussed the pitfalls that new and returning students succumb to that hinder them from making it to graduation. The article then talks about possible strategies that keep students on the ball and on their way to obtaining their degree.


About 400,000 students drop out of college every year. More than 40 percent of American students who begin at four-year colleges don’t earn a degree in six years. When community colleges are considered only about half of students actually earn a degree. So the question was asked why students leave before they graduate and what can higher education institutions do to change it.

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently surveyed college leaders to hear about their retention and completion strategies and the image above breaks down the five most common approaches, and the percentage of institutions that employ them, to help keep students in school.

Each approach has its merits. But it was recommend that one should pursue a graduation strategy. Although a comprehensive strategy may be ideal, a graduation strategy includes the most viable elements of all the approaches. You can craft an effective graduation strategy by focusing on a few key principles:

  1. Meaningful engagement
  2. Clear pathways
  3. Early detection
  4. Personalized learning
  5. Insightful analytics

The main point is that technology can either supplement your efforts or do the heavy lifting for you. To read more details on the other top strategies and see which one best fits your needs please read the full article.