Lecture Capture App For Canvas


Professors, do you wish there was a way to record, edit and upload lectures from your phone to Canvas? Thanks to Collaaj it is now possible. This is an app that is exclusive for users with iPhones or iPads and comes with game changing features that are easy to use. After installing Collaaj into the Canvas environment, you will be ready for to approach any last minute lecture capture or video issues that come your way.

Collaaj allows the instructors to record just about anything; things such as: slides, videos, presentations or audio. The company says that the application is capable of recording from three different cameras, all at the same time. The software then goes through PowerPoint presentations and collects as well as indexes text, allowing the students who are actually viewing the video to search on a given term and be able to locate it inside the lecture recording. Once the recording is finished, it’s “live encoded” in order to make it available almost instantly to its viewers and is also uploaded to a “cloud-based or on-premise Campus YouTube” repository, left for the school to use. Collaaj apps are available in the iTunes app store,

If you would like to make your experience much simpler, download Collaaj today. It’s one of the newest apps created for Canvas and is built for easy use and for professors everywhere. But to figure out more about it before you buy it, click on the link above and find out more about what Collaaj can offer you.