How Technology Can Drive Active, Perpetual Learning

Jeremy Petranka has found a way to make classroom engagement more interesting and captivating – even outside of class. Petranka is an associate professor at Duke University and has integrated a new product called Yellowdig into his Strategy class.

Yellowdig is a platform where students can post links, photos, notes and discussion posts as a news feed. Students can up-vote posts, and those that do get up-voted will gain more “influence”. Petranka thought that his class should have had more collaboration and make use of the advancing technology that is engulfing the lives of students these days. He says that the right technology is “designed for students; mirroring their use habits, patterns and preferences; and resembling they applications that they already know and love”.

Petranka reassures that the integration of this new technology into the classroom won’t move the whole class online – it would just be a separate classroom experience. As students are posting discussions and posts about the week’s topic, professors are able to check in on what topics students seem most interested in.

He concludes that this new product has brought out positive results as learning became more natural and familiar to the students. According to him, a lot of his students commented, “I wasn’t sure at first, but once I jumped in I completely got it.”

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