Enhancing online learning through MOOCs

Universities are looking for opportunities to experiment with new programs. Many colleges have “double-dipped” by joining both Coursera and edX, two major platforms MOOC provides. When MOOC released their new platform at least 10 of the institutions that first partnered with Coursera joined edX. Not a single edX institution has gone the other way. After adding the University of Michigan to the list of charter memebers, edX has recruited all of the Coursera’s earliest partners. The institutions include the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Stanford University to name a few.

Coursera has a promising business model in Specializations, such as career-focused courses. Edx, has its own benefits, in addition to its code serving as the foundation for other platforms it also provides institutions with the opportunity to experiment with online learning, as a part of face-to-face education. Alan M. Garber, the Provost of Harvard University, shared that edX provides institutions with the opportunity for dialogue, collaboration and innovation. The dean of Penn Graduate School of Education explained that edX provides partners with the opportunity to experiment with the rapidly changing online learning space.

EdX sets itself apart because it has a nonprofit status. Each platform MOOCs creates, on Coursera and edX, provides different platforms that reach a verity of different student population allowing course material to be distributed as widely as possible.


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