WolframAlpha is a website that assists people with solving math problems that range from simple addition to calculus and beyond. Not only is this website programmed to solve almost any question, it also does it fast. If you subscribe to WolframAlpha Pro, you can get step-by-step solutions to any problem that you want computed. However, this comes with a fee of $6.00 a month, but if you are a student it is only $4.75 per month. Although WolframAlpha is a wonderful solver and can help student’s double check answers, it won’t help students learn what mistakes they had done without the step-by-step solutions.

However, WolframAlpha also has a mobile app for users of Apple, Android, Kindle and Windows devices. This app costs a one-time payment of $2.99. It also has the step-by-step solutions options integrated into the app already. This is a wonderful and quick resource that students can use to make sure their answers are correct and to see how to solve the problem as well. It is also a much cheaper option for students then the web WolframAlpha Pro subscription.

This app has a wide array of features. When typing in your math problem, there are double keyboards on top of each other to allow users to easily choose different symbols in addition to normal letter characters. It also has an option for people to input images to be analyzed for an additional price of $0.99.

WolframAlpha is not only used for math but also a wide arrange of other topics as well. On the app, there is a side bar option that takes you to the different types of solvers they provide. Examples such as: people & history, culture & media, art & design, Physics, chemistry and many others.

It also has a feature that remembers all your different inquiries that you typed in the solver. This is a perfect for students that want to go back and understand how to do a problem that they needed to be solved before.

Overall, WolframAlpha is not only an app that should be utilized by people in math or science based courses but also history and many other topics as well. It is a well-rounded app that can be utilized by anyone.


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