Need to create a quick citation in seconds? Paper due in a few minutes and need to pull together a bibliography? RefMe is an app that is available for both Android and Apple devices that allows you to quickly scan books and pulls together citations and a bibliography in seconds. The app uses the ISBN number or the unique bar code to track what book it is, and the necessary information to create a citation or source note for your paper in seconds.

This app is perfect for moments when you don’t want to type in or look for the information and be sure you got the citation right. All you need is internet access and to create an account. This app also allows you to search book and journal articles manually and even puts together citations for specific websites that you used for information. All you need a smartphone that has a camera and is capable of downloading the app.

It also offers a multitude of different types of citations. Maybe one of your classes use MLA and another APA. It has it all. It also stores all of the citations in the cloud and allows for students to not only access the information from their app, but also the web. This will allow students to quickly scan the book or journal and copy and paste straight from the web browser (after being logged in of course).

This app is not only for college students but for professionals and high school students looking to quickly create a citation or bibliography with ease.