If you haven’t ever heard of Dropbox, now is the time to get on the hype train! Dropbox is a website that allows users to store a multitude of different files that they can share with people through email. This is very simple way to share and save your files in the cloud. Not only is it available using a web browser, but there is also an app as well that can allow you to upload straight from your device.

Dropbox can be used for a multitude of reasons, one of which is as a way to back-up your files. This is an easy source to upload all of your photos and know that they are secure and will always be there. Students can also use this to work on presentations together. Instead of emailing the newest and latest copy, it’ll give everyone updates whenever it’s being edited and by whom. This makes working collaboratively quick and easy with little to no need for communication. That being said, Dropbox is very similar to Google Drive and is close in competition. Just like Google Drive, this option is free, however there is a limit to the amount of data you can upload. For the basic free option you can upload up to 2 gigabytes of safe and reliable backup access from anywhere, or you can purchase Dropbox Pro ($9.99/month + tax) which allows 1TB (1,000 gigabytes) of data, or for $15/month you can have unlimited file sharing.

The difference is quite big in terms of prices between Google Drive and Dropbox however. Google Drive allows you 15GB of free Google online storage. However, in terms of pricing Dropbox has Google Drive beat with the $15 option of unlimited storage. Google Drive is up to 30TB of data with a fee of $299.99 per month, that’s where Dropbox wins. So if you’re using this storage option for only personal and small file sizes, I would choose Google Drive, however if you’re a company, it would be more prudent to go for Dropbox.