Virtual Reality, a Reality

Augmentarium is a virtual and augmented reality lab housed in a 1,000 square foot facility at the University of Maryland’s College Park campus . Opened in December of 2014, this lab immerses people in a computer-generated simulation of an environment while it overlays visuals on the physical environment. This is achieved with a large stereoscopic display using headsets from Oculus, MetaAR, and Vuzix, interaction sensors and eye tracking devices like Microsoft’s Kinect, multi-camera light-field arrays and much more.


While the Augmentarium would be great for video games, it’s also being put to practical use. The leaders of Augmentarium believe that virtual reality would be beneficial to the way surgeons perform operations, the way police officers respond to emergencies or how soldiers navigate through dangerous situations. According to the information on the Augmentarium’s website, the technology it has allows surgeons to be able to “see through” a patient before any action is taken. However, it will be years before this technology will be put to this type of use as there are still some bugs and glitches to wiggle out.

The researches are still working to transform this technology in order to improve applications in real-life situations.

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