Textbook to Digital Magazine?

Flipboard Logo. (PRNewsFoto/Flipboard)

A problem that some professors are noticing is that textbook material gets outdated – especially on topics like current events or ones that change quicker than a textbook can be published, such as business. The solution that some have found, is to use Flipboard, which is a collection of stories that are put together in magazine-format on an app. From this, users can create customized magazines from news outlets, social network sites, and other more up-to-date sources that allow for a more engaged interface. According to Lyna Matesi, a teacher in management, leadership, strategy, learning and development and ethics at the University of Wisconsin, her students love Flipboard and how it helps in her class where the textbook might lag such that it provides fresher and controversial topics.

Linda Bernstein, a teacher in journalism and social media at Long Island University Brooklyn, uses this app with her students to give them a chance to touch upon their potential career. In this specific class, budding journalist students are given a chance to “edit” a publication by using the editing tools provided on Flipboard. This app also lets students grab information from the primary source by ‘flipping’ in posts from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook onto their own magazine page.

Steven Hornik, a teacher in  Advanced Accounting Information Systems at the University of Central Florida uses Flipboard as way for his students to find current event articles to discuss in class. He has found that this platform gives students a sense of pride in the look and feel of the page, and gives them more ownership over what they are doing. Hornik states that Flipboard has given students the chance see changes from semester to semester depending on the news and it gives a good timeline view of the subject.

All three professors reported that they were pleased that former students kept using Flipboard in their career or continued to curate magazines that were started in class. Others even recommended its use in other teachings. Flipboard is a free and useful way to collaborate in a group project due to its easy way to collect a variety of information from various resources and to be able to communicate with others through the app. It’s convenient because of its access through your phone, and is an organized way to find information, not only for class purposes, but for your own entertainment in current events as well.

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