CES 2016 showed a host of new technologies, many of which could be used for education purposes. Perhaps the most interesting, though, was the Klaxoon box.


This device creates its own Wifi network for instructors and students to connect to. Once connected, the instructor can prompt students to complete a variety of activities, including live polls, online quizzes, and competitive networked learning games. Students can quickly share their questions and comments, allowing the instructor to change lesson plans on the spot. Various analytics connect to each part of the experience, further helping instructors improve their lessons.

Computer-assisted instruction platforms are nothing new, but France-based Klaxoon aims to be the first and most intuitive way of enhancing in-person instruction. To that end, while up to a thousand students can connect online using the Klaxoon Cloud, most use is meant to go through the Wifi network generated by the actual device. This way, electronic devices in class (usually a source of distraction) can be leveraged as another way to help students connect to the course material.

Connection is quick, easy, and platform-agnostic: Users don’t need to install any additional software in order to use Klaxoon, and they can connect using everything from a laptop to a smartphone. Connection is directly to the device and doesn’t require additional Internet access.

The device is available for rent now, after undergoing real-world testing in companies like Schneider Electric and L’Oréal. It has also been tested at the University of Rennes, among others.

Find out more (and organize a demonstration of the device) here.