4 Trends That Will Recharge Higher Ed IT in 2016

Campus Technology performed a survey to point out technology trends that would impact leaders and professors for this new year. Below are the four topics they found.


Embracing Virtual Augmented Worlds: The general public will be more exposed to virtual reality and augmented reality. Google, Microsoft, Sony, HTC and Facebook will be releasing their own VR devices to transport users to programmed worlds. Besides entertainment, VR is also being used to help people in critical conditions. Burn patients at the University of Washington Harborview Burn Center go through VR trials to distract them from the pain. VR cams are being set in refugee camps to provoke empathy and aid. Frog Design, a design and strategy firm, wrote that VR would connect those “otherwise isolated people and groups…rather than getting lost in virtual fantasy, [they find themselves] more deeply connected to reality.”

Threat Intelligence Permeates Security: Experts have predicted that the basic problems of cybersecurity will still be present. Users will still have some of their sensitive data stolen. Organizations would be targeted by hacktivists who want to damage the reputation of their victims. As a result, these organizations will try to use predictive modeling to have a more active defense.

Caring for the customer: Organizations will be focusing on the level of importance given to the customer experience. Forrester Analyst Brian Hopkins predicted that spending in business technology will double this year. One of the areas of investment will be hyper personalization which compiles data about customers to create a fuller picture of who they are and better serve them.

Present Tense Replace Future Tense: Institutions have found it important for people to breathe and take a break from their work. This helps employees refresh their brain, reduce stress and anxiety, find a measure of balance and deepen their thinking. Some articles have advised people to stop and collect themselves before going to meetings or starting work.

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