Building a Better Blueprint for E-Books

Professors at the Brookdale Community College decided to make use of the fact that students are on their phones a multitude of times throughout the day. Mike Qaissaunee, chair of the Engineering and Technology department at the Lincroft institution thought that he could deliver academic content into their phones which would lure them to using their devices to academics.


The E-MATE project created three e-books to be integrated into the students’ iPhones: Fundamentals of Light and Lasers, Introduction to the Automated Warehouse and Essential Mathematics for Engineering Technicians. Professors will be able to make their e-books more engaging by customizing it with widgets and interactive content.

E-MATE is also aware that not all students have iPhones, so they accommodate by having PDF formats of the e-books. That way, students are also able to access the books offline. Students and professors would also be able to save more money through e-books as they would not have to pay for the hard-cover prices. Professors with Apple devices would also be able to create their e-books for free.

Students have voiced their opinions about e-books and agreed that it has helped them learn material easier. The interactivity makes students more engaged in the content, and those who find difficulty in reading text would not have to worry as much.

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