ePortfolio — The LMS for Students?

In a Q&A session, Mary Grush discusses the understanding of eportfolios with Trent Batson, president of the eportfolio field’s association. Batson explains that there are several uses of eportfolios, ranging from: tracking students’ progress towards learning outcomes; enhancing advising relationships; engage students more fully in their learning process; or a way to get a job or develop job identity. The Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL) has been working for 10 months to define exactly what a portfolio is.


Batson also mentions that one way to think of an eportfolio is a student-owned learning space or their own LMS. These portfolios are identified with the students themselves as they have their own space. It is a revolutionary thing since it is suggesting that the students are being active agents in their own learning space. It is also an overview of their education until graduation instead of it applying to a single course. Even though these are student-led, some teacher interaction is also important so that there is evidence of learning and that it can count and is visible.

E-portfolios are basically an LMS, but the main difference is that eportfolios have many faces and uses while the LMS would only have one face.

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