Exclusive App Platform For US Universities

Photo: http://www.edudemic.com/10-ipad-apps-english-history/

The campusM omni-channel platform is known for its amazing work and effect it has had on its users. The platform may be knew to the U.S. but it started as a an exclusive app platform that was only offered in Europe. Now the platform has been released to universities all over the U.S. and is available for all the students and professors to download.

The intentions of this platform are quite simple, it is designed to harmonize towards the user’s experience as it responds to the screen size’s variations as well as device capabilities. It collects all of the content and services from one single source, and from there it is able to channel them all into “in-built native mobile apps” along with a “responsive portal”. It offers its users a complete content management system, with a development kit and personalized analytics that will allow in-house developers to write their own screens.

To get a better idea, here is a short list of features:

  • Native apps and portals managed through a single platform;
  • Polling functions that teachers and students can use in real time in the classroom;
  • Attendance monitoring via iBeacon technology; and
  • Cross-system integration that allows institutions to deliver security alerts and services to students via their devices.

To find out more a bout the campusM omni-channel platform as well as the directors input on what it can offer, visit the link above or click right here.