UW Flex – Online Learning for Students

Photo: https://onlinelearninginsights.wordpress.com/2012/02/13/is-there-a-future-for-e-textbooks-in-online-courses/

D2L is the creator of Brightspace, an online teaching and learning platform that’s easy to use. The Brightspace Community has created a new program that will help students get started with online learning. The new Competency-Based Education (CBE) offers courses you can take with a partner to support you at every step. The program is designed to help institutions launch CBE programs that will make attaining a college degree more accessible for nontraditional students.

CBE has three levers to meet the schools’ needs. The first level (CBE Getting Started Service) provides institutions with the tools they need to learn the programs. CBE also offers a Strategic Planning Service, which aims to help build a CBE strategic plan. This includes communication planning, business process and practice reviews, technology review, and much more. CBE also provides institutions with Courseware Development. This course helps schools transform their courses into CBE offerings and assessments. Finally, CBE offers a Brightspace Learning Environment for students the software has assessment types, an e-portfolio tool, and a badging tool.

The University of Wisconsin System has signed on to become D2L’s first statewide CBE customer. CBE has created a program specifically for students in Wisconsin. The program, UW Flexible Option, will help more than 650,000 students who have completed some postsecondary education but lack a degree. The chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Extension shared that UW Flex is flourishing – students are moving through their programs successfully and about a dozen have already graduated.

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