Online Education for Refugees


If refugees want to enter higher education, they often need to submit some kind of documentation like passports and previous education records. This could be a problem to refugees because they may not have the required records or money to pay for tuition.

Some online universities have been reaching out to student refugees that wish to reach higher education by telling refugees that they don’t have to provide comprehensive records to enroll and offering free tuition. The University of People, an online degree program based in the United States, usually charges students a $100 examination fee for each course and a one-time application fee. Last month the university announced that it would admit 500 Syrian refugees, including those without official transcript and documentation. The chief executive of the Institution of International Education shared that 500 Syrian refugees are clearly going to benefit and this program will give them something they can use when the crisis is over. The students will be able to study either business administration or computer science, refugees who cannot afford the examination and application fees may apply for scholarships.

Kiron University, based in Germany, will start to offer refugees an internationally recognized degree this month. In order to apply refugees must submit a document confirming their refugee status or a document certifying that they have started the application process. The courses Kiron plans to offer, in the first two year, are all MOOCs; produced by the top universities like Harvard, Kiron isn’t accredited. In the beginning of their third year the students will transfer to a recognized university, which is how students can end up earning a recognized degree, according to Kiron’s website.

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