UCI Wireless Accessibility

WiFi is quickly becoming an expected standard for higher ed campuses. The University of California Irvine is one of 10 University of California schools, however Irvine was the only UC campus that didn’t have end-to-end wireless. UCI has 30,000 students, 9,000 of whom live on campus. These students need wireless connection for all their academic needs.

(Photo Credit: Campus Technology)

When UCI was finally ready to roll out WiFi for student housing, the university partnered with CDW-G and Cisco for the project. Cisco provided the equipment while CDW-G organized the whole installation. Over a period of several months the UCI installed the needed wiring to support wireless access for four different undergrad communities, geographically located in four different areas of the campus, with an estimate installation of 1,300 access points. The goal was to locate the access points so that each student would have the best connectivity.

The IT team at UCI provides students with advice on how to remove viruses and malware from students’ devices and how to install the proper antivirus software and security tools. Funding the UCI project came from the campus Student Housing department. The campus is 50 years old this year.

“Listen to your students. They’ll tell you what services they need, the latest trends, and whatever other services they desire,” said Kevin Ansel, director of student affairs IT. By making wireless connection available throughout the school and campus housing students are able to stay connected with their academic work anywhere on campus.

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